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Filter Media

We provide several different types of HVAC Filters

  • Polyester Filters and Custom made metal frames
  • Tacky Links and Tacky Panels
  • Tackified polyester filters
  • Pleated Filters, all capacities
  • AFR
  • Charcoal Smokeater Filters
  • Fiberglass Throwaways
Polyester Filter
with Custom Made Metal Frames

Consistently highest quality
Unaffected by moisture
1" or 2" filter media
Dry or Tackified
Our media catches 86% of all airborne particles, up to 1.0 microns in size whereas fiberglass throwaway only catches 8-10%.

In comparison to a pleated filter, our polyester media is must more cost effective and much easier to obtain when needed. 


Pleated Filters

Fiberglass Throw Aways
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